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The final task of assaulting the Arakan Peninsula as part of the Burma campaign was given to 3 Commando Brigade. Their challenge was to cut off the Japanese supply and escape routes to Rangoon. Lucy, whose grandfather fought in Burma, joins Al Murray and James Holland to discuss the campaign and the infamous fight for Hill 170.

British Modern Military History Society

Formed in early 2019, the BMMHS organise monthly talks for anyone interested in military history over the last 200 years from Nelson’s times to the present day.   

National Army Museum

Friday talk series – British Army Horse Power in the Great War

The First World War is a conflict closely associated with technological development and the industrialisation of warfare. However, horses and mules continued to play an important role in military operations. 

In this talk, Lucy Betteridge-Dyson will consider the equine experience during the First World War and explore the many ways in which horses and mules were used by the British Army. She will consider the vital role that these animals played in supporting military operations and delivering victory. 

OTD Canadian Military History

Brad St.Croix, Carla-Jean Stokes and Lucy Betteridge-Dyson discuss the impact that social media has had on our understanding of historical war photographs during this live stream on the OTD Canadian Military History YouTube channel.


As part of WW2TV’s Burma Week, Lucy joined Paul to tell the story of 3 Commando Brigade in January 1945 at the Battle of Kangaw (Hill 170)

History Hack

Lucy joins Alex and Merryn to myth-bust the horse in the Great War

Who Do You Think You Are?

Originally broadcast 19th October 2020, Series 17: 2.

Lucy featured as a battlefield historian, helping David Walliams to discover more about his paternal great-grandfather John Boorman’s, prolonged and traumatic experiences on the battlefields of the First World War.


History From Home

‘The Real Warhorse’ presentation explores the contribution of equines during the Great War. You can view the talk by clicking through to Dan Hill’s History From Home series archive.

Home Brew History

The 1.7 Million Stories of CWGC

In the last episode of season one, Lucy joined Jack Sheeran, Paul Byrnes (Film Critic for the Sydney Morning Herald & The Age and Author) and Peter Francis, from the Commission’s media team to discuss a selection of movies and TV shows which depict the First and Second World Wars including: 1917, The Water Diviner, The Railway Man, and Band of Brothers. They explore what connections these have with the work of the CWGC and discuss how accurately they show the realities of war.

Modern Conflict Research Symposium

The cemeteries of the CWGC are an integral part of the memorialisation of the Great War. Much has been written about their origins and development, along with their wider place within the context of commemorative practises. However, to those visiting the battlefields for the first time, it can often be an individual grave that invokes the strongest of emotional responses. During the creation of the cemeteries, the CWGC provided the option for relatives of the dead to include a personal inscription of their loved one’s grave. ‘The Power of Words’ paper (originally delivered at the 2nd Modern Conflict Research Symposium in 2020) involves discussion on the history of these epitaphs, their emotional power over visitors today and a high-level analysis of their content.

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